Five Things I Loved About Rio de Janeiro

6:40 PM

I had the opportunity to visit a place that had long been on my bucket list, Rio de Janeiro. I had my own ideas of what to expect. I had long seen the images of the famous Copacabana beach. The scores of beautiful women that lined the beach, in their barely there bikinis. I had heard about the gritty favelas, tucked away behind the glamour of Rio. The sights and the sounds, I wanted to experience it all, and more.  These are the five things I loved about Rio that made my trip memorable. 

1. The Weather
Seems obvious, but honestly the weather was PERFECT! It was a beach day everyday!

2. The Beautiful People 
Im not exaggerating when I say that EVERYBODY in Rio looks good. Just spending a few minutes on the famous Ipanema or Copacabana beach will have you regretting all the time you neglected to go to the gym.


3. The Beaches 
If you love to "people watch," like me, then you will love the beaches in Rio. I tried to visit the more famous Copacabana beach but due to its world renowned reputation, it was overflowing with tourists. I spent the most time at Ipanema beach because it was a lot less crowded. Its quite easy to lose track of time hanging out there.

One of Rio's most iconic symbols, Cristo Rendentor a.k.a. Christ the Redeemer, is located at the top of Corcovado mountain. To get to the top,you can either drive or hike. I had the most unfortunate experience of hiking to the very top (not by choice). I made the mistake of wearing flip flops that day, not a wise decision. I later paid for my bad choice of footwear but the view at the top of the mountain was well worth it.


5. Feeling at Home
Even though there was a clear language barrier, from the very first day I arrived in Rio, there was an unbelievable feeling of being at home. Not sure I can explain how, or even why, but I felt comfortable in every interaction, and because of that I absolutely look forward to the day I get to return to Brazil and explore the other parts of the country.

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